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Lightning Bending Lesson 1

Welcome to your first Lesson Of Lightning Bending. Today you will be learning exactly what Lightning Bending Is. You cannot start bending without any clue of what Lightning Bending Is.

As Lightning Bending Is Derived from Fire, we can understand that you need to be able to FIRE BEND. Therefor like I said on the actual Sub Element Rath Site, If you are not on the 10TH Lesson of any Element (Water, Air, Earth, Fire) Please go back to 4elementrath.

Lightning Bending is very dangerous, that is why it needs to be controlled. If not controlled, the consequences could be disgusting, Please also remember that lightning bending is a hard element, so you wont get it immediatly.

However if you put your head to it you can do ANYTHING!

So, Tune In For The Next Lesson!